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What is Email?
Email Addresses
POP Mail
Internet Mail
Email Etiquette
Message Format


Dubbed one of the revolutions in human communication, email popularity has now overtaken the number of letters being sent through the post.

Below are brief descriptions of what the pages in this section contain. To access them, use the submenu on the left.

What is Email? A simple description of what email is. more...
Email Addresses   An email address is not just a jumble of words and symbols, it has a structure, and a meaning. more...
Mailbox   This is what you call you the group of folders that stores all your email. Using an email program, you can do far more than just store emails. more...
POP Mail   This is email using specific email software on your own computer. more...
Internet Mail   This is email through a web browser. more...
Attachments   It's easy to email files to your friends, however there are some things you need to consider. And yes, size does matter! more...
Email Etiquette   As with everything, there are unwritten rules regarding the way things are done. Email is no different, and of course it's only polite! more...
Message Format   Plain Text, Rich Text, and HTML emails... explained. more...

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