Government agencies are not only required to be able to serve the public as best as possible but also to carry out budget efficiency which is deemed unnecessary. Budget efficiency, not only in the private sector but also in government, is imperative in times of pandemics and the threat of recession.

Given this budget efficiency plan, government agencies must explore other solutions for their work needs. For example, government agencies need cooperation, coordination, and communication, which can be accomplished in more efficient ways. The Ministry of Finance, for example, is starting to see the use of technology as a solution to save shopping, namely by conducting virtual meetings or online meetings.

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are only one part of the effort to be able to work optimally even if they don’t meet in person. In general, the collaboration between employees and institutions can also be done in other ways. Typically, SD-WAN technology ┬áis a solutions for online collaboration support other forms of collaboration. Apart from virtual meetings which are usually in the form of video conferences, cooperation can also be done in other ways, such as instant messages, e-mails, or simply telephone calls.

This online collaboration allows various central, provincial, district & city government institutions in various locations throughout Indonesia to coordinate more quickly and cheaply. Government agencies no longer have to hold time-consuming and costly meetings or official trips. Government agencies can channel savings for other important posts, or other more urgent expenses.

However, it is generally difficult for government agencies to build their online collaboration systems. There are at least two problems that may be faced: budget and expertise. Government agencies may have to incur quite high upfront costs. This online collaboration system also cannot be removed after it is built, because it requires periodic upgrades and license renewals. Government agencies also need to recruit professionals to manage and provide support to their users. Since one of the benefits that you want to achieve by using online collaboration applications is getting budget efficiency, of course, the cost problem that may arise when building your own is not what you want.

Advanced SD-WAN products that Teldat offers is a solution for government agencies that wish to continue collaborating and coordinating with other institutions, while still achieving budget efficiency. Government agencies do not need to make large initial investments, and only pay for operational costs. This cost includes maintenance, system upgrades, and management personnel.