While working, suddenly your PC is damaged or attacked by a certain virus that causes loss of access to the data on it. If this happens, of course, you will panic absurdly, right? What’s more, if you don’t have a copy of the data. Without adequate data, of course, you will have difficulty continuing your work, right? Therefore, data backup is very important. Here are some reasons.

Disasters Come Every Time

You don’t know when your computer will crash. Or if a virus suddenly attacks, paralyzing your computer and causing you to lose access to existing data. This data is very necessary to support company activities. What’s more, if the lost data is closely related to your customers. Of course, this will be a serious problem. If you have a backup of the file, you don’t need to worry because the data can still be copied again so that operational activities can still run as usual.

Lost or Damaged Hard Drive

This problem is quite often experienced by everyone who saves their data on the computer. Whether the hard disk is lost or damaged, the data on it must be saved. Lost or damaged hard disks can be purchased, but not with the data on them. Before this happens, the right step to anticipate it is to make regular backups. Even when the hard disk is lost or damaged you will still have a copy of the data you need.

Backup Your Data in the Cloud for Maximum Security

Performing backups continuously will reduce the capacity of your hard disk. Buying a new hard disk is certainly not the right solution considering this will make the company’s budget swell. As a solution, you can use a Cloud-managed networks that provides more capacity so you no longer need to use a hard disk.

Besides, cloud services also allow you to make backups anywhere and anytime so that it is more practical. Not only that, but you can also access data at any time, making it more flexible.

So, this backup is very important. Because the data you have changed from time to time, your existing backups must also be updated. It’s a good idea to schedule how many weeks you should do it. Or if there are a lot of data changes in just one day, then it’s a good idea to do a backup every few days. For the public cloud, from the name alone, we can identify that this Cloud network management service is for everyone in the world. For the data center, it has, of course, it is very large. Because these public cloud users come from all over the world, data centers are also spread throughout the world. That way, data in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere.