Whatever you do every day, from driving a vehicle to work, using air conditioners, cleaning glass, to styling your hair, you are actually faced with the choice of reducing or even increasing air pollution. And if you include people who love the earth and the future of this earth, of course, choices that minimize or reduce air pollution. Here are some things you can do:

Use vehicles that are free of air pollution

Vehicle exhaust is one of the biggest causes of air pollution in the world. The two most effective ways to reduce exhaust gas is to drive a private vehicle with pollution free and drive in a smart way. Reducing the use of a car doesn’t mean you can’t go anywhere. You can divert the daily use of the vehicle using a Hoverboard that you can use to go to work and your other activities plan your travel route to be more efficient, so you don’t have to go back and forth. If possible, take a public vehicle or use a Hoverboard to travel short distances, and for a good quality hoverboard, you can get it on hoverboard pas cher  when you have guaranteed quality and have many product advantages to support the comfort of your daily activities.

As for the electric bikes offered on the hoverboard pas cher have the following specifications :

Electric Scooter

CE Certification: Yes

Battery Voltage: 36V

Frame Material: Alloy / Aluminum

Power supply: Lithium battery

Certification: UL, FCC

Type: Two Wheels

Maximum speed: <30 km / h

Range by power: 10-30 km

Power: 251 – 350w

Certification: ul2272

Battery: LG 36V, 4.4AH

Motors: Brushless wheel DC Motor

Maximum speed: 25km / h, 3 modes

Giroskuter: Kick Scooter

Auto Scooter Balance: Three-wheel Electric Scooter

Power (w): Rated 250W, peak at 500W

Wheel Size (inch: 8 “high torque motor hub

Brake: EABS control system, assistant brake

Front / Black lights: Yes

Range: 20Km


1. Automatic shutdown of electricity in the event of a fall

2. emergency protection in case of loss of control

3. Rechargeable Li-ion battery

4. environmental protection

5. zero emissions and no pollution

6. green visit, conservation of energy

7. remote control and smart driving

Choose Environmentally Friendly Products

Many of the products you use at home, in the yard to the office contain chemicals released in the form of smoke or gas into the air when used. To minimize its use, choose water-based products or low-volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Energy saving

Saving energy use will help reduce air pollution, because every time you use fuel, you add to air pollution. Use minimum fuel, natural gas, and electricity.

Some easy steps to save energy are as follows:

1.replacing light bulbs with fluorescent types that are more energy efficient

2.Turn off the lights when leaving the room

3.If possible, use a fan, use an air conditioner if needed and do not need to choose a temperature that is very cold because actually the comfort has been obtained with cool temperatures.

Use Recycled Products

A lot of energy is used to produce and distribute an object that we consume. The less we consume means the less use of energy is used and the air pollution caused. Therefore choose recycled products, choose products with recyclable packaging, use paper on both sides, and recycle paper and plastic.