The STUART long-float technique , which I just lately launched, confirmed how one can tame long floats in color knitting. This no-sew method involves turning a zipper into a “knitable object” through the use of a knit-picker (a tiny latch hook) to basically YANK loops of knitting yarn directly by means of the zipper

1) It’s a method for regulating your tension on long floats as you might be knitting, and a couple of) it is usually a technique for fastening down the long floats after the knitting is done. As more and more totally different industries are more deeply and absolutely mechanized, and as our technology becomes ever more advanced, we are starting to run out of things that individuals can do higher than machines.

With the nubbly reverse-stockinette (purl) fabric face in the direction of you, launch the third sew from the L selvedge off the sew holder, then drop down this column all the way in which to within 1 sew of the material-backside. At this time’s TECHknitting submit reveals methods to put an afterthought cable-ette border onto a straight stretch of stockinette.

Below are two photos which show the back and front of the pattern after knitting, but before tying the lengthy floats down with a reproduction stitch. One way or the other-as you’ll be able to see on this photograph and the previous one- I slipped two floats underneath one stitch, probably when I was messing round with dropping stitches experimentally.

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